Attract nature to your garden. We can tell you how

Nature adds vibrance and is not only life affirming, but it also serves in many ways as a catalyst in healing both mind and body. Just looking at the trees, the flowers, bees, birds, butterflies and feeling the cool breeze as it makes its way through nature; or touching and smelling soil, flowers and leaves, helps elevate the mind. Therefore, having a garden or plants in your balcony or window sill is very important to remain in touch with nature without even having to step out of your home.

At Greenit Decors, we supply a wide range of plants and trees that will naturally attract many kinds of indigenous creatures to your home – bees, birds, ladybirds, dragonflies, beetles, moths and scores of other beautiful critters. They are not an annoyance as we may fear, but when we invite them with a clean heart knowing that we share the same earth, they will bring blessings to your home as they find a place to make their home too.

Besides growing plants, shrubs and trees, have a pond or even a simple bowl of water and attract nature to your garden and home. It helps to add a bowl of seeds along with the water and watch how birds will eventually discover your gift to them and will become your daily visitors, adding life to your home.

Nature is alive and nurturing it brings blessings to our heart, our soul and mind.