Kenya is a natural wonder. Here are some ideas for your drive out.

Nature is abundant and vibrant in every corner of our beautiful country. Unfortunately, we sometimes think what is within our surrounding is all there is to know and experience.

We can only truly appreciate nature when we step out of our comfort zones and interact with what is out there. We live in a naturally endowed country where we have all kinds of marvels of nature that makes Kenya a tourist haven in Africa. From the mountains to the oceans, the rivers to the lakes and the savannahs to the forests, there is so much to see, to feel and to be at one with nature. It is amazing that most outdoors are within our budgets, some even costing nothing more than simply stepping out to an open public space. Step out with family, partner, friends, colleagues or even alone, and engage deeply and personally with nature.

There are nature walks that costs so little hence no reason not to go out for nature hikes and have a responsible picnic in nature. Take a morning off on a weekend, and if possible, spend some time walking slowly and marvelling at the wonders of nature. Enjoy the beauty of nature in its infinite forms which speak to us in ways we cannot even imagine.

We have an abundance of game parks and natural reserves where we can see wildlife from the comfort and safety of vehicles and safe safari walks. These experiences help us appreciate that there is more to life than just what surrounds us and the more reason we need to care and protect every living creature put onto this planet by divine purpose.

Head out to the beach for a swim or to simply lose yourself in the waves of the ocean as they come and leave in their humble but underestimated power. The lifeforms that the oceans, lakes and rivers sustain are simply mind-boggling.

Besides leisure, there are educational tours one can take to learn in an atmosphere of fun and adventure through bird watching, botanical studies and weather study. There is so much to learn on how nature has been intricately created and how it functions so that we can appreciate our common Creator.

We often take life for granted, but when we begin to personally and closely bond with nature, we appreciate how nature and man are so intricately connected.

A whole world is out there for us to witness. Go out, learn and create a green haven in your home or office by growing plants, trees and shrubs that naturally attract nature and in essence making our planet a beautiful place